3 in 1 Multi-Cut Tool
3 in 1 Multi-Cut Tool
3 in 1 Multi-Cut Tool
3 in 1 Multi-Cut Tool

3 in 1 Multi-Cut Tool

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The 3 in 1 Cutting tool is a combination utility cutter, knife, and wire cutter. Features an offset pivot design, double wall grips and bottom anvil slides back

to expose utility knife blade. Blades are razor sharp stainless steel with ruler for accurate cuts. Titanium coating on blades provides extra durability when cutting

wire. Includes extra blade that stores in handle. Guaranteed forever.


  • Offset pivot design for smooth cuts
  • Retractable anvil
  • Titanium coated wire cutter
  • ERGO-Grip Molded handle
  • Safety lock,keeps tool closed when not in use
  • Heavy duty blades and rectractable utility knife
  • In-handle blade storage device,Includes 3 extra blades

Important Safety Instructions:


  • Use this product only for its intended use as described in this manual
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • If any part of the fasola cutting tool appears to be damaged or malfunctioning,discontinue use immediately.
  • Use eye protection compliant with ANSI Standard Z87.1 when using fasola cutting tool.
  • Always keep the Safety Lock Switch engaged when not in use.
  • Avoid contact with blades.Wear protective gloves.
  • Take caution when opening the package and changing the blades.
  • Never twist fasola cutting tool while using.This could cause the blade ti break into sharpe pieces.

Package Includes :

1* 3 in 1 Cutting tool

3* Extra blades store in handle